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Entry Criteria

  • Average Points Score: 5.0
  • English Language GCSE Grade 4
  • Mathematics GCSE Grade 4

Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Walsh
  • Mr Morgan
  • Mr Fewster

Business is an established A Level course and its popularity continues to grow. With an increasing number of students going on to study Business degrees at university the course has seen a continued increase in the number of applicants year on year.

It is a profound and challenging subject that requires the student to be passionate about business and remain focused throughout the duration of the course. Students are expected to keep up to date with business news and events in the business world.

The subject seeks to develop application, analytical and evaluative skills through both numerate and literate techniques. It also features elements from other disciplines such as Economics, Sociology, Law and Psychology.

Success in almost every profession today requires an understanding of how a commercial or business organisation operates. Choosing Business gives the student a great foundation from which to embark on a wide variety of careers within the business sector and beyond.

Studying Business at A Level will give you the opportunity to:

  • Gain a greater understanding of the world of work.
  • Give you a greater awareness of the economy and how topics such as interest rates and inflation can affect your income when you start work.

What will I study?

Year 12

Theme 1 – Marketing and People 

  • The Market
  • The Marketing Mix
  • Managing People
  • Entrepreneurs & Leadership

Theme 2 – Managing Business Activities 

  • Financial Planning
  • Raising Finance
  • Resource Management
  • External Influences

Year 13

Theme 3 – Business Decisions and Strategy

  • Business Objectives
  • Business Growth
  • Assessing Competitiveness
  • Managing Change

Theme 4 – Global Business

  • Globalisation
  • Global Marketing
  • Global Markets & Business Expansion

What will I use A Level Business for?

Studying A Level Business gives you the opportunity to go into a range of different careers such as Accounting, Law, Marketing and Business Management.

You can study a Business degree at university or combine it with a number of different subjects, giving you the diversity to allow you to be more competitive in the world of business.

What do our students say about Business?

My favourite thing about studying business is we are always bringing current affairs into our learning. I think it makes the subject a lot easier because can relate it to real life situations, as well as educating ourselves with what’s going on in the world around us which is really interesting. A recent example is we looked at the effects on businesses caused by Covid-19, and have also looked at things such as the effects of Thomas Cook going bust.

I know everybody says it, but I would 100% recommend making your revision notes as you go along. One thing I have found, particularly in Business, is you are able to link a lot of your topics together. Knowing these topics well makes it so much easier to link them together as you go along, and it will also save you a lot of stress and cramming when it comes to exams.

As well as business I also do Sociology and Geography. These subjects also have topics which can link to Business, and we also discuss current affairs going on within these subjects as well. For example, in Sociology we do a full topic on media, so we are constantly linking this to things in the news such as politics and the #BLM movement. In Geography there are also things we can explore such as the Australian bushfires, as well as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

After school I would like to go straight into the working industry, whether that is through a degree apprenticeship or a job. I want to be involved in the business industry from a young age, gaining as much experience as I can because one day I would like to run my own events management company. I also have aspirations of hopefully setting up my own animal conservation centre with a charity if my business grows.

Natalie's Business A Level is the first step on the ladder to her running her own Events Management company.

My favourite thing about studying Business is that it is what I want a future career in, so the subject is so relevant to my interests. I love how we use case studies to demonstrate particular points and they are all current examples. It is definitely my favourite A Level subject.

Before I started, I wished I had known that it is actually very similar to doing Business at GCSE, though obviously it is more in depth and there is much more analysis which makes it harder. It was reassuring to know that I had a basic understanding of the subject before I started.

The most important piece of advice that I have for new Year 12 students is to make sure you keep on top of your work. If you get behind it can be hard to catch up - if you do get behind, you need to go and speak to your teachers about it as they will help you to get back on track.

Other than Business, I am doing A Levels in Politics and English Literature. I am aiming to do a Higher Level Apprenticeship and go in to Business Management in the future.

Molly plans to use her Business A Level along with work experience to pursue a career in Management after Sixth Form. She has just started an apprenticeship at Car Finance 24/7.