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Student Focus

Isabelle Anastasiou

When looking at Sixth Forms I wanted to make sure that I made the right choice, for me when I attended opening evenings I wanted to walk out feeling like I could imagine myself going to that school. I started to consider Crompton House Sixth Form after an assembly and careers fairs at the school I attended prior, at these events I instantly felt very welcomed by the staff that I had met. The students had nothing to say but how incredibly lovely and proud they were to attend the Sixth Form. Once I had been to the open evening I knew Crompton House was somewhere that I was definitely going to apply for, the extremely welcoming atmosphere I felt after I attended the open evening continued throughout all the visits I made to the school before I was a student. From my interview to taster days I was still nothing less than extremely impressed by the facilities and supportive atmosphere that Crompton house had to offer.


For me one of my biggest concerns about joining is that many of the students have been together for years prior, however, every student I spoke to, both internal and external, assured me that within the first few weeks you cannot tell the difference and they were completely right. The students and staff were nothing but welcoming and there is a very supportive atmosphere within the Sixth Form.


Attending Crompton House allows me to have the freedom to enjoy and express myself through my subjects and extra curricular activities while knowing that I have support there if I was to need it. The jump between GCSE and A Level is a big one however I know that with the standard of teaching, facilities and support that Crompton House has I have enough help to allow me to put as much as I can into my A Levels.


The opportunities that Crompton House has to offer intrigued me, the EPQ is a research project that I am taking part in and although it has given me more work, with the support from my teachers I am enjoying carrying out the project independently and am learning many new skills throughout the process.


I am very happy to be part of Crompton House School and continue to feel as welcomed as I did the first time I was here, to any external or internal students looking at other places I would defiantly recommend Crompton House.

Will Foster

After completing my GCSEs at a school with no Sixth Form, I had a big choice to make on where to go next. After looking at every possibility, Crompton House seemed to suit me best, so I decided that it was where I wanted to go.


The transition from GCSE to A-Level can be difficult, especially when moving into a new school, but moving to Crompton House was a very natural transition and I felt comfortable straight away. Both staff and students are very welcoming and make you feel at home, I felt like I had always been a student here which has helped me massively when it comes to my studies because I am in a comfortable environment.


There is something for everybody to do with all of the extracurricular activities and always a place to be, whether you want to be active, do your work or just relax with friends. The students here have a great amount of support from all of the dedicated staff yet still have a lot of freedom and independence. The help from the teachers with work could not be any better and they ensure that if you are struggling you receive the help you need to be successful. The Sixth Form Careers Guidance is also very helpful for planning on what path you decide to take next, whether you know what you want to do or you don’t yet. I would highly recommend Crompton House Sixth Form to students who want to achieve their very best.

Lucy Cockayne

After studying at Crompton House for five years, I felt there would be no question in where I would choose to study for my Post-16 options. Crompton House Sixth Form, I felt, would be my best choice for achieving excellence and pursuing my full potential.

During exam periods there was many ups and downs but the staff and teachers are always there for support and guidance, whether for a chat and advice on how to cope with exam pressure or just some help with a tricky homework question, their doors are always open.

Following my role as a prefect in Year 11, I was intrigued as to what Student Voice opportunities the Sixth Form had to offer. I was very excited to see how much the students have a say in Sixth Form life, and that’s how I heard about the Student Management Team. These students act as a voice for both Year 12 and 13 and work closely with the staff, which gives us the opportunity for our ideas to be heard and taken seriously.

Crompton House offers a multitude of extra-curricular activities, music, various sports teams and drama and theatre groups, but one thing that stuck out for me when choosing Crompton House Sixth Form was the vast number of trips and excursions all in aid to expand and enrich our learning beyond the classroom.  After attending many trips in main school I was excited to see what would be on offer.  In Summer 2019 I had the opportunity to go to Morocco, to summit the famous Mount Toubkal at 4167m above sea level, and to support a charity to help educate girls in rural Morocco. We also experienced some of the schools and assisted in teaching a class.  Not many schools and colleges offer this type of hands on, not only allowing us to enrich and engross ourselves in our studies and student life, but to have a real impact on the world around us while having a great time doing it!

All in all I would highly recommend Crompton House Sixth Form for students who want to achieve nothing but their full potential and excellence, whilst working in a friendly and positive environment.

Lewis Fowden

When starting Crompton House Sixth Form I was extremely nervous, especially as an external student and knowing no one there. However, I found that everyone was always approachable and friendly, I found it easy to talk to and meet new people within my subjects but also around the Sixth Form centre itself.

Taking History, English Literature and Sociology, I found many extra opportunities to further my A-Level studies and extra things to add to my personal statement when applying to university, along with guidance and support within lessons themselves and a high standard of teaching. There has also been a lot of help with Post-18, whether that be University or Apprenticeships, with guidance for applying to specific universities like Oxford and Cambridge, and university as a whole.


From the start of the academic year there are plenty of opportunities and extracurricular groups to join to meet new people and challenge yourself. Personally, I gravitated more towards musical theatre and drama, but there are plenty of opportunities such as: sports, modern foreign Languages, peer-mentoring schemes, music groups, trips and much more. Hence why Crompton House Sixth Form is a great option for your Post-16 choices.