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Academic Tutors

Academic Tutors

At Crompton House  we aim to support our students to achieve their full potential in the academic qualifications.  Whilst achieving academic success is important and we have high expectations of our students, we also recognise that learning is not solely about the pursuit of academic excellence and as such we are committed to helping all our students whatever their academic ability to develop as successful citizens ready to face the challenges of the world in the 21st Century.

All students attending our sixth form will be assigned an Academic Tutor who is equipped to support them best in their chosen study path.  Academic Tutors provide mentoring, support and guidance to meet your emotional and academic needs.


The Academic Tutors will supervise your well-being and development throughout your time in Sixth Form. You will meet regularly with your Academic Tutor for mentoring but they are also available when needed and are based together in the Sixth Form building.


A large part of the Academic Tutor’s role is to look at the whole person and discuss overall achievement across the board as well as: