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How Aspire helps Crompton House students

The Aspire Program helps high achieving Sixth Form students gain entrance to prestigious universities and competitive courses.  Benefiting from the opportunities available in our Sixth Form, we have over 100 Crompton House students currently at Russell Group Universities including Oxford, Cambridge and Durham.  Students are studying many competitive courses including medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine, mathematics, English Literature, History, Geography, Law, Economics, Computer Science, Engineering, Biology, Zoology, Chemistry and Physics.

Some of the benefits of the Aspire Program:
  • Specialised Academic Tutor group
  • University lectures to stretch and challenge
  • Extended project qualification
  • Oxbridge student conferences

For more details contact Dr Whitworth, our Deputy Head of Sixth Form who specialises in Oxbridge and highly competitive course applications.

Some students will be automatically enrolled onto the Aspire program based on their grades, however if you are a motivated and dedicated student you can apply to be considered for the program here.

To register your interest in the Crompton House Aspire Program, please complete this form.

Below are accounts from three of our past Year 13 students on how Crompton House Sixth Form helped them in their applications.

Crompton House Sixth Form has provided me with many opportunities which have assisted me in applying for medicine
The Sixth Form Staff have kept me up to date with many current medical conferences, including ‘Medlink’ and ‘MedX’ which I attended in Manchester for prospective medical students and health professionals, in addition to medical lectures at Oxford University hospital. These opportunities have helped to strengthen my application.

The Academic Tutors have shown me how to effectively complete my personal statement; their feedback and guidance has been invaluable. My teachers have provided revision sessions and extra resources, enabling me to meet the target grades needed for medicine. This has made the prospect of applying for medicine less daunting.

The school have many extra curricular activities to get involved with such as: music groups, sports teams, charity events and drama which I have really participating in. These have helped me stand out against other potential university candidates.
Applying for medicine is a really challenging process, which Crompton House Sixth Form has really supported me with.

During my time at Crompton House sixth form I was thoroughly supported in my ambition to study mathematics at a prestigious university. At the beginning of year twelve I was placed in the maths form group, which meant I was more easily alerted to opportunities to attend maths extra-curricular activities, as well as having a maths teacher as my form tutor. This was beneficial because I was with a subject specialist whose guidance significantly improved my personal statement and ensured it was perfectly related to my degree course. My tutor and I also discuss my progress in my A-Level subjects, as well as how I am coping with the work load from my studies.aspire-rachel-image

Through school I also attended a STEP day, and a problem solving day at Manchester University, which aided my ability to approach unfamiliar mathematical problems, and helped prepare me for the admissions tests prestigious universities set.  I was also lucky enough to receive a place on a 3 day problem solving course at Oxford University that I heard about through Crompton House, which was specifically tailored to improve my performance on the MAT (Oxford’s admissions test). Deputy Head of Sixth Form is also beginning lunch time sessions for maths, engineering and physics applicants who will have an academic interview at any of the universities they have applied for. I hope this will strengthen my performance in an interview, and develop my mind so it is capable of tackling more abstract thinking which the A-Level syllabus doesn’t require.

The Sixth Form Staff also guided me through my university application, by providing several talks regarding personal statements, student loans and UCAS deadlines at the end of year twelve. This was extremely useful since I could start drafting my personal statement over summer, which gave me plenty of time to improve it. I received lots of help from the Sixth Form staff to refine my statement and I am confident that my UCAS application is at the highest possible standard.

I feel I have been encouraged and supported during my time at Crompton House by the ASPIRE programme to achieve my academic potential, and am hopeful that all the extra preparation I have been provided with will stand me in good stead for my upcoming university applications.

Crompton House Sixth Form are providing me with so much support for my application to Dental School. Each week, during mentoring, my A-Level progress is monitored as well as the progress of my UCAS application. It was made very clear to me that preparing to apply for such a competitive course begins at Day 1 of Year 12, both in the commitment to my studies and in what I need to do for the future. Thanks to my brilliant academic tutor’s guidance, I am set up on a dentistry mentoring scheme, where I receive support from a Leeds University Dental Student.


My Academic Tutor, also keeps me up to date with any health-related courses which would help my application. For instance, last year I attended a half day course put on by the Royal College of Anaesthetics. The support I am receiving with my application extends beyond that of the Academic Tutors and the Sixth Form Team. Other teachers in the school have huge interests in our future, and are happy to provide whatever support they can.


In my AS Levels I achieved 4 A grades. I put this down to the combination of my efforts, and the dedication of the staff to the students. My teachers are happy to spend time after school and during their lunch hour, covering topics I did not fully understand, allowing me to achieve my full potential.


If you are going to be committed to A-Level studies, come to Crompton House Sixth Form, as they will be committed to you.