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CHS Trips

Our Sixth Formers have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of trips, both abroad and closer to home.

Some are day trips or short visits run by subjects as part of their curriculum, such as the Biology trip to Malham Tarn FSC, or the Geography trip to North Wales.

Others are optional and students have the opportunity to experience different cities, environments and cultures.


Mr Banks runs the Moroccan Adventure trip at the end of July, every two years. This is a charity-linked trip, with Education for All, and students take part in fundraising activities all year to raise money that helps send young girls, who miss out on their education as they live in remote villages, to school as boarders.

We arrived in Marrakech and spent the first evening in the market square, the next day we went to a little local village, Imlil, ready to start our trek up and around the Atlas Mountains, we trekked through the Azzeden Valley and then trekked further up the mountain over the next few days, until we eventually reached Mount Toubkal and what an awesome experience that was: 4,167m! I wouldn’t want to tell you all the details so as not to spoil your adventure if you decide to take this trip. We returned to Imlil to a beautiful retreat and then the next three days were spent doing some community work. We then travelled to Essaourira, spent the day on the beach, visited all the souks, had a camel trek and returned to Marrakech ready to depart for home the following day.

This is a very brief description of such a fabulous trip, but I would spoil it if I gave you all the details! ~ Mrs Atkins

On this trip you will experience new cultures, help with charity work in the community and do some hill walking and mountaineering. The trip is a fabulous opportunity if you enjoy walking and being outdoors.

There were 13 students on the trip in 2019 and it was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them.


The Sweden trip is part of a foreign exchange program, linking Crompton House Sixth Form with Kunskapsgymnasiet, a school in Norrköping, Sweden.

Students taking part in the trip are paired with a Swedish student – fortunately the Swedish students and their families speak very good English, though many of our students do try to learn a little Swedish while we are there. Students stay with their host family for the duration of the trip (usually 5 nights), attend the Kunskapsgymnasiet with their host. Our hosts have lessons while we are visiting, so our students sometimes go to lessons with them, do their own work in the communal areas at the school, or explore Norrköping’s shops, museums and cafes. Fika featured heavily in the visit!

We visit our Swedish friends early in the Spring term of Year 12, when Sweden is usually covered in snow. This means our students often take part in winter activities with their host families in the evenings or at the weekend. They usually return to visit us early in the Autumn term of Year 13, where the Swedish students come to CHS with their English host. We have a day trip out to Blackpool and our students arrange their own activities during the evenings and weekend.

New York

The New York trip was the highlight of many students’ time in Sixth Form. On a busy few days of sightseeing, our students took in the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial site and many other famous landmarks of the city. As well as eating in the Hard Rock Cafe on Time Square and shopping in Macy’s 5th Avenue Department Store, the group went to a Yankees baseball game and experienced a whirlwind of unmissable New York staples.


Sixth Form physicists have the opportunity to go to Cern in Switzerland to visit the Large Hadron Collider – the world’s most powerful particle accelerator.

As well as the LHC, the physicists visited the Natural History Museum and explored the town of Cern.