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Dress Code

Dress Code

We have high expectations of our students – both academically and in their personal approach to school life and to others. Our dress code mirrors these high expectations. We ask all students to maintain a high standard, wearing what is essentially smart business dress.

Student Dress Code

  • Formal grey two-piece suit
    • Jacket / blazer
    • Skirt, trousers or dress
    • Please note fabric does not have to be matching.
  • Shirt or blouse
    • Smart collared shirt with a tie. Sixth Form ties are available to purchase from the Office.
    • Smart blouse. No low-cut, crop tops, see-through tops, vest tops or t-shirts.
  • Smart shoes or low rise boots, no trainers.
  • Optional plain dark sweater or cardigan.
    • Sweaters are not to be worn in place of shirt or jacket.
  • Any facial piercings should be subtle and in keeping with the dress code.

Outdoor coats are permitted, but should not be worn in place of the suit jacket.

For students studying PE or participating in sports teams, plain dark sports kit may be worn on practical/match days.

If unsure on any of the above, please check before purchasing.