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Extracurricular Music

Every year, Sixth Form students are active in the wide variety of bands, choirs and smaller ensembles at Crompton House.

Whether or not you are studying music, and whatever your level of musical ability, we have a group for you!

Our musicians are regular performers both in and outside school, including in the Music for Youth Festivals.

Our Chapel Choir sing Evensong at Manchester Cathedral each year, celebrating our Founders Day, and groups play and sign at local Nursing Homes in the run up to Christmas.

Chapel Choir at Manchester Cathedral

Our music groups include:
  • Chapel Choir
  • Senior Choir
  • Musical Theatre (student-led)
  • Senior Wind Ensemble
  • Brass Band
  • Orchestra
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Brass Ensemble
  • String Ensemble
  • Sax Ensemble

There are also leadership opportunities for Sixth Form students in Junior Orchestra and Training Band, as well as the opportunity to set up and lead their own ensembles.

The Music Department takes students on regular overseas tours. In 2018, the Brass Ensemble and Chapel Choir toured Rome, playing at St Pauls outside the Walls and elsewhere around the city.

CHS Orchestra MfY Recording 2020

This year, our Orchestra’s entry for Music for Youth was arranged by one of our Sixth Formers. Nathaniel successfully arranged the soundtrack to the game Undertale for his EPQ project.

CHS Brass Band MfY Recording 2020

CHS Choir MfY Recording 2020

CHS String Group MfY Recording 2020