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Geography – Draft Layout


Entry Criteria

Average Point Score: 4.5

English Language GCSE Grade 4

Examination Board



Teaching Staff

Mr Douglas (Head of Geography)

Mr Banks, Miss Halpin, Mr Hardman, Mr Smith, Mrs Smith

The A Level Geography course builds on the GCSE Geography course, and although there is not a direct requirement to have studied Geography previously, it will help you to have a solid grasp of the knowledge and understanding from GCSE level.
During your Geography A Level, you will examine the interaction of people and their environments. At Crompton House, our course is equally split into Human and Physical Geography and then something about the NEA.
At the end of the A Level course, you’ll have a better understanding of how mankind and the Earth work together. Between them, they’re what make our planet tick!

The Geography course gives a wide range of skills and knowledge:

  •  Undertaking research & analysis
  • Teamwork on practical projects
  • Investigating global issues
  • An ability to interpret natural phenomena

Students who choose Geography find it goes well with any combination of Arts or Science subjects. This means Geography can either be your specialist subject, or play a supporting role for others. The course can be seen as an end in itself or as an excellent foundation to a degree course.

Advanced Level Geography can take you anywhere on Earth!


It will help you develop a range of skills which are equally useful whether you intend to:

  • enter the world of work
  • start some form of job training
  • continue your studies at university or college

A Level field work at Llandudno

A Geography education helps you to develop knowledge and skills important in business such as problem solving, analytical and teamwork skills.

Topics studied in A Level Geography:

Year 12

  • Coastal Landforms and Processes
  • Contemporary Urban Issues
  • Hazards
  • Changing Places

Year 13

  • Fieldwork investigation
  • Water and Carbon Cycles
  • Global systems & Governance

Graduates in Geography have entered careers in:

  • Administration
  • Travel, Tourism and Leisure
  • Planning and Local Government
  • Estate Agency and Property
  • Personnel work
  • Resource and Environmental Management
  • Teaching and lecturing
  • Banking, Finance and Marketing
  • Information and data handling
  • Law
  • And many others

Geography will not only take you to many different places around the world, it can also open up far more career opportunities than you could possibly imagine!