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Welcome to Crompton House Sixth Form

Explore the Sixth Form block yourself with the photospheres below; you can click on them to stop the automatic movement and move the view around for yourself.
Clicking the square in the bottom right corner of the photo will enlarge the photo to full screen. If you are on a mobile or tablet, you will be able to move the view by moving your device around.

Downstairs in the Sixth Form Centre we have our Common Room and Cafe.

The Sixth Form Office is here too – that’s the first place to go if you have any problems or concerns during your time in Sixth Form.

Upstairs in the Sixth Form is for quiet study. There are plenty of tables and computer space, including a silent study room with some individual desk spaces, so you can always find a place to work.

There also pods for small groups to work together quietly, and classrooms where Sixth Form Social Sciences lessons are often taught. The pods have whiteboard walls to help with planning projects and revision work.

Our Ridley block is the newest building in the school and opened in 2020.

It houses our Product Design department (and Food and Nutrition for main school students), the English and Maths departments.