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Children In Need 2018.

On Friday the 16th of November the students of Crompton house sixth form put themselves forward and raised money for the popular charity that is close to everyone’s hearts, children in need.

Various events took place throughout the day. Students came to college in their pyjamas allowing a change from their everyday suits to something more cosy. There was a great response, and those who participated came in various forms of pyjamas from a multitude of onesies to a mixture of comfortable dressing gowns.

At lunchtime there were many members of the sixth form student management and prefect teams involved in other fundraising events to make the day as successful as possible. A bake sale took place alongside a face painting stand. Both stands were very well received, the bake sale having sold near to all the cakes and the face painting stand having nonstop customers throughout the entirety of lunch everyone wanting to do their little bit for the charity.

Overall the school raised….. and can say that the day was a huge success.

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