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Reading List Foundation Scholarship

Fran Wood, who left Crompton House in 2020 and has just started her degree in Law at Manchester Metropolitan University, has been awarded the Reading List Foundation Scholarship, in recognition of her excellent progress throughout her time in Sixth Form.

The £250 Scholarship is awarded in the form of a Blackwell’s Bookshop voucher, aiming to cover the cost of textbooks and other course materials for Fran’s first year of university.

Fran said: “Receiving this scholarship award from the Reading List Foundation has given me the ability to buy all the textbooks I need to ensure I get the best possible education in my first year. It means a lot to me to have been awarded with the scholarship, especially during these uncertain times, as online learning is meaning it is harder to access libraries so being able to buy my own copies of textbooks is the best news I could’ve received. I am extremely grateful for the award, and the support of all the staff at Crompton House Sixth Form.”

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