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A year 12 trip to Middleton Arena was organised in order to make us aware of the dangers of reckless driving now that we are reaching 17, the legal age to drive. When we arrived, we had a 90 minute presentation showing the dire consequences of dangerous driving by being under the influence of illegal highs and alcohol, being distracted by things such as a mobile phone, speeding and not wearing a seatbelt for example.

As part of the presentation, we were shown videos of real people telling their stories of road traffic accidents they or their loved ones have been involved in and images of the casualties. As well as this, people came on stage to re-tell other stories they have been involved in, for example a paramedic, nurse, fire-fighter and family member of a loved one involved in an accident.

The presentation was emotional and drew our attention to the issue of dangerous driving. It made us think about the consequences of making decisions to do something careless even for a split second and made us aware to always stay safe on the roads. The real-life stories also made us understand how these instances can really affect your loved ones as well as yourself and brought home how irresponsible driving decisions can result in needless loss of life.

We now understand that the consequences of careless driving are not worth taking the risks. The presentation made us feel sympathy for those involved or affected by roads accidents, making us understand how much we never want that to happen to ourselves, loved ones or anybody else.

By Helen Black Yr 12.

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