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We escaped!

Eleven of us, along with Mrs Milnes and Mrs Noden ventured out at 2:30 to ExtremEscape, Stockport. A group of girls enjoyed and solved an Indiana Jones themed room. They found it gripping, spooky and hilarious. The rest of us unveiled the clues and pulled apart the puzzles to solve each challenge in the pirate themed room. Each team escaped within the 90 minute time limit; in fact the all girl team narrowly escaped with just 8 seconds to spare! Once we’d all calmed down after the exhilarating experience, we each pulled out our crazy pirate and Indiana Jones poses as the staff at ExtremEscape captured a quick photo.

We would all like to say a big thank you to Mrs Milnes for organising and supervising such a brilliant trip. Thank you also to Mrs Noden for supporting the trip.

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