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OxNet Ordered Universe

Over the last six months, several Year 12 students have been taking part in a University of Oxford outreach programme known as OxNet.

Molly, who is applying for Medicine this year, took part in the Ordered Universe stream, writing this about her experience:

Recently I have taken part in the Oxnet Ordered Universe summer school discussing two of the works of 13th Century Bishop Robert Grosseteste. We read two of his treatises, discussed them and then wrote short answers and an essay on a variety of questions.

It was great to talk with students who took a variety of subjects and debate how we all interpreted the treaties and our thoughts about many different subjects we got to from there. We had lots of great discussions about a variety of different things. In one seminar we managed to get from comets to social media.

Throughout the week there was also a series of optional lectures on a variety of topics from conservation of lions in Africa to whether we should be reading Baudelaire in today’s society. There were helpful sessions with advice on applying to Oxford and talks from undergraduates about what it was really like.

I had a great time, and I learned a lot in just a week.

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