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PwC at CHS

Sixth Form students planning to follow careers in Business and related fields had the opportunity to attend a workshop delivered by Sinead and Steph, colleagues from Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s Manchester offices.

During the workshop, the students were encouraged to consider the problems faced by businesses that PwC works with. Students were shown how important it is for client-facing staff to be able to remember key facts about a business and, using a scenario, had to discuss and rank possible solutions to a business issue. Our students impressed Sinead and Steph with their knowledge of consumer behaviour as well as business acumen that companies like PwC value.

The students were also encouraged that it is OK to change their mind about their intended career path, especially as both Steph and Sinead had taken very different routes to similar roles within the company. Employability skills were highlighted, as was the importance of students looking at the culture of the organisation when they are searching for jobs.

Insight weeks, such as the one run by PwC for Year 12 students, alongside more traditional work experience are a valuable opportunity for students to find out about companies. The PwC 2020 Insight Week is open for applications now, and all the Year 12 students who attended the workshop plan to apply!

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