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Safe Drive Stay Alive.

When I knew about the safe drive stay alive presentation, I thought it was a nice opportunity for me to see what really goes on in peoples lives when affected by dangerous driving. We always see stories on the news but we never get to see or hear the inside stories on how it effects people’s lives and really understand how people feel. The presentation itself is hard to watch because they are people speaking that have been in a situation someone like me would only be able to imagine and it’s so inspirational to see people who have lost their loved ones stand in front of an audience and tell their story and they share their stories with us for concern about everyone else. But after the presentation was the hardest for me because you start to really think about what you’ve watched and listened to and you start to imagine what them people must of felt at that time and how hard it must of been and most likely still is and for me it made me want to help. I wanted to show with my message to the safe drive team that I really appreciate what they do, because it made me realise a lot after going there and I think they are an amazing organisation and I hope they carry on what they are doing for a long time to education young people like myself on how to be safe when driving. I’d like to thank them again for the opportunity and for being such lovely people.

Neve hurst.

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