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Red Nose Day 2019

This year’s Red Nose Day was a huge success with an outstanding effort from all parties. The main event was a teacher sponging, supported by a bake sale. Hundreds of students took the opportunity to throw sponges at their “favourite” teachers – with Mr Hives, Mr Cadd and Mr Newell being some of the more popular choices. Both events had a huge turnout, with cakes selling out in under 15 minutes and large crowds surrounding the stocks. The bake sale was supplied by both our sixth form and the year 7 students, as the competition was held to see who could bake the best cakes – the winner of which will be announced shortly. We also held a bidding contest at lunch in which students could bid donations to the Comic Relief Charity. The prize was the once in a lifetime chance to throw a bucket of water over Mr Hives, who generously volunteered himself, despite the freezing weather. We are very grateful to all the teachers who volunteered to be sponged or to supervise the event and hope everyone enjoyed the experience as much as we did.

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