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UCAS Convention 2019

After attending the UCAS convention and speaking to a variety of universities I felt very informed. Every representative that I spoke to was welcoming and passionate about their university. I found the convention eye opening, it presented me with universities that I hadn’t considered before. The Convention as a whole was informative, inspiring and extremely useful, I left knowing entry grades, open days and feeling informed as it broadened my knowledge of what certain university’s expect and what they are looking for in a student.

The information emailed to me running up to the event was useful, it gave me a good idea of how to structure my day. I found it helpful knowing the line up prior to the event and was happy to be informed throughout the weeks running up to it about the day and how it was going to run. I would defiantly recommend attending the event to any Years twelve students that are considering university as the next step in their education.


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