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Safe Drive Stay Alive

Back in November Year 12 went to The Middleton Arena. This is a trip that the school organise year after year. It was to see a showing of the “SAFE DRIVE STAY ALIVE”. The show consisted of real-life stories told by the people themselves who had been involved in road accidents and the aftermath of those accidents and their dealings with the emergency services that are linked with road traffic accidents like the Police, Ambulances and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue services.
The stories being told were hard hitting and full of impact for all those in attendance. It was very important for us to see this and to hear the stories as we are now at the age that most of us will be starting to drive.
At the end of the show we were told that there was a competition being run to win either an iPad or £400 pound of vouchers. All you had to do to enter was to answer a few questions and to write a safety pledge based on the talk that we had seen.
Why is this important? Well if you want to win you must enter first. As Mrs Atkins says “You must be in it, to win it!” So that’s just what I did. And her advice works: I just so happened to be this year’s winner. I’m sat here writing this on my new iPad air.
Many thanks to Lesley Allen the Project Co-ordinator GMFRS and for the thought provoking session.

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